Of course you cannot always 'shop' for treatments and procedures. But many times you can. And every time you do, you will enjoy big savings and help lower the cost of health care for your friends, family and neighbors. Let us make sure you got the best possible deal for your medical procedure. Here, just 5 Minutes can immediately save you hundreds - if not thousands - of dollars.

Real Savings.

Out of pocket costs are soaring and are expected to continue to increase. Even if you are insured, you are paying co-payments and other out of pocket costs. Many patients opt for higher deductables to offset increased monthly insurance premiums. It's time to make the smart move and watch out where and how you spend your money - pricepain.com's easy quality & price comparison allows you to make an informed choice. Pick the best doctors and clinics that are not wasteful and deliver exceptional quality for the best possible price.

Complete Price Transparancy

Real price transparency is built on a simple concept. At the basis of true health care are you & your family - patients looking for help from a doctor with a proven track record. In a transparent market place innovation and service quality improve fast. Your money goes directly to the physicians that are doing an outstanding job. No middle man, no bureaucracy - slim and transparent service, better technology, better service.

Online Reviews & Ratings

Evaluating and purchasing goods via the internet has become a common practice. Online reviews, peer ranking and virtual reputation have come a long way to establish quality of a product you have never seen before. A clinic or hospital, that is at the forefront of innovation, recognized by independent awards and backed by real stories from real patients has a lot to show for. When it comes to a similar price, these reviews can make all the difference in choice. pricepain.com aggregates numerous reviews and rewards from all over the web and tries to give you the best possible idea about a doctor even before you call him.

Proactive Health Benefits

Signing up with pricepain.com allows you to share your healthcare needs anonymously with doctors and physicians in your neighborhood. Let them send you deals and specials and proactively take care of your health. If a doctor notices that your anonymous profile shows you did not see a dentist in over a year - he can send you a special deal. Start thinking of health care as "health" care.

Receive deals and offers

Let doctors compete for your business. Post procedures or treatment requests anonymously and let doctors bid amongst each other for your visit and care.

Receive deals and offers free of charge. No more price pain. More quality for a fair price.

Fund and receive funding

Our beta program includes health care crowdfunding. Are you in need of an expensive surgery but can't afford it? Promote yourself and request funds from friends, family or the general public. We make it easy. At the same time browse other's requests and donate. It will change your life!

Plan your health care

Make a list of things you want to get taken care of. A lasic surgery, a dental treatment, a checkup for the kids. Or automate it: Let pricepain.com schedule regular checkups, try to get deals from participating physicians and notify you when we got the best deals for you.

Cost to you: FREE. As in: Priceless.

pricepain.com is free for patients. Use your google or facebook account to signup hassle free (or create your pricepain.com account). Then wait, and let the magic unfold.

Reduce Your Bill

Upload Your Bills - We will check if you were overcharged and help you get your money back.

Find the Best Service / Price

We track your local health providers and find best prices at highest quality.

Let Doctors Find You

Looking For Treatment? We let doctors enter an auction to compete for your business!

Help Your Community

Help others offset high medical costs in your community and world-wide.

Need Funding?

Join our growing online community and crowd fund expensive treatments, offset the most burdening costs.

Share Your Experiences

Had a great/bad experience? - Share your reviews with others. Help everyone find the best quality service at the best price.

Health Robot

Let's turn health care into HEALTH care. Our auto-planner makes makes getting regular checkups easy and painless.

Deals & Offers

Keep your health data anonymous. Let us find doctors who will go above and beyond to offer you the best deals.


Pricepain.com is a price comparison search engine and direct transparent market place for medical providers and patients. Find the best price/quality for treatments, procedures and lower your medical bills. Learn more...

How does it work?

Patients search for procedures and treatments. Doctors, clinics and hospitals list their prices online. Patients receive great deals and health care providers that provide better service at more competitive pricing attract more patients. A win-win for all. Learn more...

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