Win-Win Health Care helps patients and doctors virtually meet and find the best price for both. Patients will save money and doctors time. Over time outperforming doctors will attract more and more business while patients will get better and better health care for less and less money. Win-win health care.

What does it do? Price search across the US, and then some.

At its heart, is a search engine and market place. We offer our platform to doctors and clinics for free and encourage them to list their prices for all their procedures offered. For the public to come, see, compare and rejoice.

Quality First. price right after.

Doctors are encouraged to adopt their page on and upload pictures, videos and other details. We stream reviews from all over the internet and aggregate as much information as possible.

What does it cost? let the prices be freely visible for all to see.

It's free. Free for Patients and free for health care providers listing their prices.

Healthy Shopping. and a place where patients and doctors meet. And benefit each other. Win-Win.

Patients who are shopping for Flu-shots to surgeries locally or nationwide compare prices and offerings, check reviews and our public resolution center to get the best possible information about a doctor before choosing a place and location.

Deal hunting. your own private insurance.

Patients can also sign up with us - it's free -, and will be offered deals and discounted services by their local doctors who will compete for business.

Watsi for Locals. face an expensive surgery? You are not alone.

Patients can also post personal help requests if they are looking for special treatments and advice from doctors.

Hassle free. let's think healthcare - not bureaucracy. thus re-creates an online village setting where patients and doctors can meet again free from bureaucracy, free from hassle.

All inclusive. because we need the full picture.

All our prices listed are the cash-prices (out of pocket) and we list the highest price a clinic or doctor has charged their patients. If a clinic or physician wants to lower their prices they can adopt their pages for free and simply change them. Or ask us. We'll do it for them.

The Future nothing is impossible

What the future might bring:

  • Furious competition (eventually)
  • Incredible service offerings (to attract business)
  • Cutting of waste and fraud
  • A higher quality and way way cheaper health-care, affordable for everyone
  • Novel ideas how to attract, service and hold patients
  • Potential gigantic drop in insurance rates
  • Falling medical equipment prices
  • Kids in Bangladesh playing with MRI's because they have become super cheap
  • The US a leader in health-care efficiency, quality and technological innovation

Will any of this happen? We don't know.

But what we do know is that you, who are reading this right now, can make a difference. Consider signing up for a free and help change the face of healthcare. Figuratively speaking.